5 Monitoring Tools For Your VPS Server

Virtual Private Server, Jadi Acuan Baru Penyimpanan Data Penting!

The correct web host is crucial for any website to ensure the right performance and efficiency. 

The two critical aspects of an effective online presence are website performance, design, and business branding. This is one of the prime reasons the demand for Australian domain hosts is rising significantly.

Among the popular categories of web hosting servers, VPS hosting in Australia is one of the most popular. With VPS hosting, companies benefit from better network and data security, along with improved performance and multiple scalability options in a cost-effective manner.

If you wish to explore the multiple benefits of a VPS Server, knowing the top monitoring tools is crucial to help elevate your experience further.

In this blog, let us discuss the top five virtual server monitoring tools in detail.

Top 5 VPS Monitoring Tools

There are commonly four main monitoring tool types: networking resource, security, application, and uptime. The top 5 virtual server monitoring tools include the following.

  • OpenNMS

OpenNMS is the answer if you want a monitoring tool that manages the entire VPS Server together. It focuses on aspects like account performance, configuration, security, and fault, known as the FCAPS model.

It is an effective monitoring tool because it manages multiple server data points to track usage. Moreover, multiple other tools can be integrated with this monitoring tool because of its easy and customisable integration.

  • Zabbix

For queries related to your IT systems, Zabbix is an effective monitoring tool. This is an open-source monitoring platform that offers multiple monitoring solutions together. 

Moreover, using this monitoring tool, businesses can avail dashboard feature highlighting current and previous issues for reference.

For VPS Servers, it allows businesses to keep track of network usage, CPU load, and disk space. This tool ensures necessary alerts based on issues are delivered in time for quick resolution.

  • Icinga

If you are looking for a monitoring tool that is quick and hands-on with better contingency planning, Icinga is highly recommended. It is an open-source monitoring platform that uses the internet to communicate all necessary updates and error feedback online.

It can collect all the necessary information from the VPS Server to assess the overall performance of a system. Furthermore, it recognises every area that requires quick fixes to offer improved automation, better scalability, etc.

  • Monit

For effective server management, Monit is one of the top choices. This monitoring tool helps keep an eye out for the required file size, permissions, and other activities on the server to offer maximum uptime.

It has an online interface and is responsible for updating any errors within the server relating to file sizes or other file system elements. It is a basic server monitoring tool that can restart any particular service on the server if needed for smoother operational efficiency.

  • Checkmk

When it comes to monitoring all the different idea aspects, especially for hybrid or virtual servers, Checkmk is a great solution to it.

As a monitoring tool, it constantly checks applications, databases, and servers added onto a VPS Server to highlight gaps or loopholes. Eight performs a minimum of 1800 checks for effective VPS Server management.

It is a free monitoring tool that directly impacts the website performance, uptime, and network security.

Why Are VPS Monitoring Tools Important?

  • Improved website performance as these tools will help identify and resolve issues causing the website to slow down.
  • Enhanced overall network and website security for your business. This is possible as they recognise and offer quick resolutions to ensure data and network do not shut down the website or increase vulnerabilities.
  • Better operational efficiency with effective server management as it introduces the continuous resolution of upcoming issues.

Final Thoughts

Knowing and adopting different monitoring tools to manage your VPS Server is an excellent decision as it has multiple advantages. There is a mix of both paid and free tools for you to explore.

One of the key benefits of these tools is that they reduce the requirement of technical expertise within the company, replacing manual effort and brainwork with automation. 

No matter whether you are technically equipped to manage your VPS Server or not, adding these monitoring tools will only ease your burden. 

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